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This is a community of curiousers.
If you are curious, this is your place. Join Alfons Cornella in learning why curiosity matters through weekly videos.

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You will learn how to leverage your curiosity to be more creative, innovative and become a more value-oriented professional.
Through curiosity you will build the next version of you.

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The world is plenty of curious things, instants, people, ideas, stories, that bring the bliss of novelty.

It all finally comes to DIGNITY

Angelique Kidjo

Dignity is the critical word for the next 10 years... I am sure of that

II Cello Suite No 2 BWV 1008 V Menuet I II Bach

Isabella Sander

Beautiful... sense making


TCI PhoneVideos

Moving the Indiana Bell Central Office, in 1929

Incredible illustrated travelling journals

Fubiz Teams

Precision soul capturing
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Who am I?

I have been involved in innovation for my entire professional career, since 1995. I founded several companies devoted to propel innovation in other organizations.

Now my main purpose is to estimulate curiosity across the world, that help find new solutions and opportunities for humankind.

This is my mission, and I hope will be yours too. Join us tu disseminate the hope of curiosity across the world.

This will be our joint LEGACY.
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We need a fresh approach to cope with a more complex future, in business, technology, education, society and all things human. In a world with an increasing number of smart machines, the future of humans is to just be humans. Curiosity defines humans as a species. So developing new skills to excel at curiosity will be critical.

Alfons Cornella, Founder of Institute of Next
Barcelona School of Curiosity is where people learn to become curious minds that turn imagination into business. Through examples coming from very different fields (such as business, science, arts, design, architecture, music, food, etc.). Or by learning to apply “tinkering” tools, and by experiencing the future through real examples. Through all this stimulus, participants get a positive push to become more creative.
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